Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

KANGAU Technology Global Services Ltd specialize in design, fabrication, installation, maintenance and sales of any industrial agricultural machines like Maize shellers, gari fryers, conveyor belts,boilers, bread ovens etc.

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Service | Maintenance

In order to be competitive in today’s market, you need to accelerate the design of agricultural machinery so that you can meet launch dates and satisfy your customer’s demands for high-quality, reliable equipment. KANGAU  design machines that  minimize manufacturing issues, reduce costs, and ensure the durability and superior performance of your equipment in harsh environments.

KANGAU Agricultural machinery Engineers and Technicians will fit, install, examine, service and repair agricultural machinery and mechanical equipment at customer site.

  • Repairable Asset Management – utilizing a highly trained on-site inventory management specialist.
  • Proper maintenance and management of your critical spares inventory and repair vendors using our motor and critical spares management system.
  • Maximizing your warranty and ensuring proper in-service / spare ratios.
  • Minimizing your spare parts spend by using a ready-to-install spare .
  • KANGAU can provide a complete storeroom management solution to your site by placing an experienced professional on-site to provide purchasing, management and stock room services.
  • Let our vast repairable asset knowledge in engineering services work for you. We can provide engineers for both short (service call) and long-term assignments.



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